The Problem
I was tormented for the past week by a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” slash unknown certificate message that I couldn’t figure out. A particularly sporty web address was included in the message that was about as unfamiliar as they come. I thought “this is why I don’t try to stream the Eagles game without cable.”

I googled just about every solution. I removed and added all of my accounts, I uninstalled every single mail app, I did a deep dive into my certificate settings. No luck. I was convinced it was a virus. Finally, I did what I probably could have done first, and searched my email to see if I had anything that matched the web server on the error message. Lo and behold, a metric shit-ton of messages came up from my son’s old soccer team. Therein lies the fix.

(Since I don’t have any screen caps that document my journey to success, I’m going to walk you through the solution, old school.)

The Solution

Bearing in mind that I am not a tech-guru and just a mom with iPhone issues, give this a go if all else fails.

Go into each and every one of your calendar apps (especially if you use both google and apple together). It’s easier on the computer, but you can do it from your phone, too. Check to see if you are subscribed to any of your kiddo’s sports teams, class calendars, random holiday things, and the like. If you don’t know or manage the calendar, unsubscribe from it.

Make sure you do this on all of your calendar apps.

That should do it.

With love from your over scheduled adequate mom.